Research in Copenhagen

Two weeks ago I visited Copenhagen to do a series of semi-structured interviews and observations with public service media, local municipalities, co-working spaces, creative hubs, and so on. Copenhagen was windy and cold but humming with activity and people.

DR – the Danish Broadcasting Corporation – was revealed as having a good model for mixed media newsrooms. They have relocated the previously separated radio and TV departments and moved them to work together in a modern building – DR-Byen. I walked through the whole area and got a chance to see the facilities from the inside. One of the interviewees showed me the production halls, the newsroom, as well as the cafes, library and even a gym that’s been opened for the staff. The centre has easy access to transportation and the IT University of Copenhagen. This proximity will be a key driver of collaboration.


The capital city of Demark is well-known for a wide range of co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and the startup community. SOHO is a co-working space located in the old Meatpacking District. It’s now vibrant and full of galleries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The area is also a community with private flats and other homes. Khora VR is based there. Khora is a production house, one of the first world’s Virtual Reality store, and also a hub for digital innovators. I had a chance to observe the work of their creative team in the VR Lab and also tried two VR demos.


A number of other interviews and observations took place in Republikken and Rainmaking Loft. Walks in the Christianshavn area led on to explorations of Freetown Christiania where an experimental community has been occupying and building small houses in the old dockland. Interviews at City Hall showed an openness to experimentation generally in Copenhagen which encourages mixed media working and multiculturalism. The streets of Nørrebro and beyond to Superkilen Park are filled with plants and objects from over 50 countries around the world. Bikes are everywhere; it seems that despite the snow Danes like to use pedal power.