Dr Michał Głowacki and Prof. Lizzie Jackson conducted research on the organisational culture of Public Service Media and High Technology clusters in 10 Cities in North America and Europe (2015–2019). To answer the question ‘what people, values and processes’ should Public Service Media (PSM) embody going forward we found there is an urgent need for adaptation. 150 interviews, secondary literature (company reports, city strategies, and news stories). and 500+ photographs from ‘walkabouts’ indicated six highly linked and inter-woven organisational-cultural characteristics. Bering in mind the importance of public service media in democratic society, we believe that findings and a set of policy recommendations will contribute to knowledge-exchange between media, scholars and newer creative agents to assist swift change in PSM.


Our project was funded by the National Science Center of Poland (NCN):  www.ncn.gov.pl 

We would also like to acknowledge the support for this project from the following organisations and individuals:

The University of Warsaw: www.wdib.uw.edu.pl

London South Bank University: www.lsbu.ac.uk

The European Broadcasting Union: www.ebu.ch

The Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond (EVA) Conferences International:http://www.eva-london.org/eva-conferences-international

The RIPE Network: www.ripeat.org 

European Media Management Association: www.media-management.eu

NESTA – The Innovation Foundation: www.nesta.org.uk

Creativeworks London: www.creativeworkslondon.org.uk

Christian S. Nissen: www.christiannissen.com