Project meeting in Warsaw

We are excited that the project started to get attention from leaders in the BBC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as journalists writing Media Power Monitor and academics in the Global PSM Experts Network

We met again in Warsaw January 6–8, 2017 for a project meeting. During the two days in the Polish capital we firstly discussed book chapters we have submitted for a Peter Lang’s collection titled “Public Service Media Renewal and Digital Network Challenges”. Our chapters will present the first findings from our study; I have written about the successful and innovative high technology clusters in capital of Estonia and Lizzie about predictive analytics and behavioural targeting as a potential way of nuancing the delivery of public service content.

We discussed plans and milestones for the project to do with data analysis, future events such as European Media Management Association conference in Ghent (May 2017) as well as preparations for the field trips to Copenhagen (February 2017), Austin (March 2017) and Detroit (April 2017).

Next we conducted field work observations of winter festival “Otwarta Ząbkowska” (Open Ząbkowska) – an open air street event involving animators, artists, clubs, NGOs, municipalities and theatres in the Praga district of Warsaw. The weather was extremely cold, - 13 Degrees, cold enough for ice sculpturing.

warsaw 2017 2  Warsaw 2017 3  warsaw 2017 1

The Praga district is a good example of creative initiatives growing in the Polish capital. Later in the Spring we will conduct interviews in Warsaw and London and this will end the period of data gathering.

Finally, we have made first preparations for the ‘MAKER’ event which will be organized at OMEARA – venue set up by the lead singer of the band Mumford & Sons (June 2017). The event is to construct models for public service media for and by Generation Z.