Creative Cultures for Media Progression - An Unconference (Warsaw, June 13, 2018)


Preconference Call: The annual conference of the European Media Management Association (emma)


Why organise an ‘Unconference’?

Western media firms are having to adapt to a fully digital, multi-platform, interactive, responsive media landscape. For media managers this means leading change programmes that may involve redundancies, union negotiations, and the re-skilling of the workforce. This is difficult territory to negotiate. As scholars of media management we argue that we should not exempt ourselves from this same adaptation challenge. We therefore propose an ‘unconference’, an opportunity to explore a new method of exchanging knowledge, drawing in constituents we may not have engaged with before, using participatory peer to peer methods.

The Theme of the Day 

Creative industry firms are clustering with other specialists for a variety of reasons. For example, organisations who are beginning to explore the use of ‘Big Data’, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things now need to work with computer scientists and data analysts. This can be intimidating, however, if it works it can result in greater resilience and an improved ability to adapt to external market conditions and/or disruptive technologies.

What will I experience?

An unconference offers the opportunity to exchange knowledge and present ideas in a series of tried and tested interactive formats. The theme of the day is to critically examine what builds and sustains a collaborative and innovative culture conducive to change and adaptation? We are inviting scholars, media managers and the Warsaw high technology start-up community to attend. You can be an informal observer, lead a session, or present your work in a Pecha Kucha (20 slides and 20 seconds each slide). The event will take place in a relaxed co-working space of Warsaw with food and drink provided. It will be free of charge.

Why should I come?

A World Café, a Fishbowl and a selection of individual Pecha Kucha presentations from leading scholars working in the field of media management will be augmented by a demonstration of the “MediaRoad” project. This Horizon2020 funded initiative led by the European Broadcasting Union promises to help Europe’s media sector update the way it approaches innovation by strengthening collaboration between broadcasters and start-ups (Sandbox Hub) and by developing a network spanning across the creative sector to shape future research and innovation priorities. Findings will also be distributed from a three-year research project “Organisational Culture of Public Service Media: People, Values and Processes” (2015-2018). This international study conducted by Michal Glowacki (University of Warsaw) and Lizzie Jackson (London South Bank University) examines successful strategies and challenges relating to the organisational culture of ten high technology clusters in North American and Europe. A ‘Pitching Session’ from young Polish SMEs who are doing particularly innovative projects will close the proceedings. A DJ session and guided walk around the Praga district of Warsaw will end the day.

How can I take part?

There are three ways to take part in the unconference:

– Turn up and just join in.

– Lead a session (a World Café or a Fishbowl).

– Submit an individual presentation for the Pecha Kucha.

We are calling for session organisers to lead…

1. An hour long World Café on progressive organisational cultures and structures that are likely to result in successful media and creative firms who are adapted to the digital, networked, media landscape. A World Café involves organising groups of people who discuss a topic at several tables. Individuals switch tables periodically and are introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a ‘table host’. 

2. An hour long Fishbowl (conversation) on knowledge-exchange and production systems to facilitate sustainable collaborative R&D and innovation. A Fishbowl is a fast-paced debate that takes place between a large group. Turns to speak can be allotted by throwing a ball from speaker to speaker.

… and for individual submissions...

3. Have you got something to say about the future workforce of media firms? Who will future creative media organisations be employing: data analyst, game designer, podcaster, YouTuber, VR/AR specialist, Online Community Manager? For a Pecha Kucha you will need to provide 20 slides and be prepared to talk for 20 seconds to each slide. 

Submission and registration

To propose a World Café or Fishbowl session we ask for a title and a 300 word description giving details of what attendees will gain and how they will be able to participate. Consider how you will open  host and end the session, drawing together conclusions.

To submit a Pecha Kucha we ask for a 300 word abstract giving us an overview of your presentation.

Proposals should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To participate and enjoy the day … just REGISTER!

Click here to access the Eventbrite and register for an unconference.


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