150 interviews across North America and Europe

On October 19-22, 2017 we met again in Warsaw to discuss our initial impressions from 150 semi-structured interviews collected from our ten cities in North America and Europe. There’s also over 400 photographs from exploratory walks and visits to organisations to look at as well. We’re analysing the culture of each cluster, the organisational structure, partnerships, and networking. We are also looking at the people, location and the technology they are using to help them organise their work.

Face to face meetings have a very different function to online working. Physical meetings build trust between leaders and producers whereas social networking online helps the formation of a global workforce. Larger co-working spaces such as WeWork and Techstars offer contact with creative talent internationally. It’s possible to work in a city in North America, then move to a European city and have a very similar work experience. This assists a global flow of talent. At a more granular level the use of project management software such as Slack (just being adopted as we began our interviews at Boston’s Cambridge Innovation Centre in the US) has rapidly become one of the key tools for remote working on projects.

Our meetings took place in cafes and restaurants located next to the Palace of Culture and Science (Café Kulturalna, Bar Studio) in the centre of Warsaw and in cafes in the Savior Square area. This also served as preparation for two important conferences that we will organise in Warsaw. Firstly, the annual conference of the European Media Management Association (emma) will be hosted by the University of Warsaw June 14-15, 2018. This will be preceded by an experimental ‘Unconference’, ‘Creative Cultures for Media Progression’ which will be held June 13, 2018. If we are critically investigating the organisational culture of organisations and clusters, then we believe we need to look at our own knowledge exchange practices as scholars and try new forms of knowledge building.  

Warsaw 2017 1   Warsaw 2017 2

We will present findings from our study at the unconference which is free to attend and open to all, whether you are just coming to take a look, presenting ideas at the PechaKucha or organising a session. We hope to see you either at the EMMA conference or the Unconference, or both, in June, 2018 at the University of Warsaw.