Disseminating Findings and Beginning New Projects

In June 2019 both Lizzie and Michał disseminated project findings during the conference of the European Media Management Association 'Media Management and Actionable Knowledge: The Relationship Between Theory and Practice' in Limassol in Cyprus. Lizzie presented findings from the study at the German Media and Communication Association’s Policy Section conference, IIC 2019 in Dortmund on October 24–25, 2019. She is also presenting the findings at the InnoPSM – Research Network on Innovation in Public Service Media Policies Workshop at the University of Westminster organised by Alessandro D’Arma and Minna Aslama on November 12, 2019. Professor Jackson has submitted a 1.2m Euro bid with Ryerson University in Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC, The University of the Ruhr, and ZDF, the German public service media (PSM). If successful the project will run three Living Labs over three years, in Toronto, London and Bochum, Germany to concept eudaimonic media (media for the public good) with 14–16 year olds. The university researchers (Dr Christine Horz, Professor Charles Davis and Professor Lizzie Jackson) will work with the research and development and audience insight departments of each PSM. 

PTKS 2019 Michal Warsaw 

Photos: Polish Communication Association, Paweł Brzeziński

Dr Glowacki presented key findings at the 5th Congress of the Polish Communication Association in Warsaw (September 19–21, 2019). The conference organised by the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw gathered more than 200 participants from Poland to discuss challenges for media research in line with the conference theme: ‘Media Power: People, Organisations, Technologies’. Keynote speeches were delivered by Des Freedman (UK), Karen Donders (Belgium), Mark Deuze (The Netherlands) and Svetlana Bodrunova (Russia) who all argued for challenging the status quo of contemporary media (and its research). Karen Donders emphasised the critical need for the internal re-organisation of PSM. Michal is currently working with Karen Donders on her book project related to the theory and practice of public service media as an expert on the Polish public service media. This collaboration will result in a joint research paper exploring the challenges for media reform in Central and Eastern Europe. Dr Glowacki has also started work on a monograph which will summarise the key findings from Glowacki and Jackson’s study.

Screen Moscow Moscow Readings

Photos: Moscow Readings, Anna Pokareva

Michał also gave a keynote speech, ‘Entrepreneurial Cultures in Public Service Media and High Technology Clusters: Findings from 10 Cities in Europe and North America’ during the 11th ‘Moscow Readings’ conference at Moscow State University (October 17–18, 2019). Six key findings were introduced during the session with participation by Mark Deuze (The Netherlands) and Paolo Mancini (Italy), who critically examined existing theories, concepts and methodologies whilst also arguing for research on culture and examining media beyond traditional institutions. In addition Dr Glowacki delivered keynote speech at the Sofia Symposium “Technology and Regulation in a Convergent Environment. The Role of Social Media and Its Implications”, organised by the COMPACT project (November 11, 2019).