Professor Lizzie Jackson nominated President of RIPE

Professor Jackson was nominated President of RIPE (Re-envisioning the Public Interest In Media) in October, 2018. RIPE is a ten year initiative founded by Professor Gregory Ferrell Lowe and others to draw together scholars researching public service media, establishing a new field of media studies from 2002 to date. The founders of RIPE also nominated an executive team to work towards the formalisation of RIPE into an Association. Dr Christine Horz (Deputy President), Dr Minna Aslama Horowitz (Media and Communications), Dr Roberto Suarez-Candel (Industry Liaison) and Dr Jonathon Hutchinson (Secretary) will be Incorporating the new International Association of Public Media Researchers (IAPMR) in the winter of 2019 in Germany. The new Association will launch at the RIPE@2020 Conference in Geneva (October 28–30 2020). The conference will be jointly hosted by the University of Fribourg and the European Broadcasting Union. The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.

The RIPE Initiative will publish its RIPE@2020 Reader in the Spring of 2020. The Reader draws together state of the art research into public service media for scholars and industry bi-annually. Professor Jackson has contributed a chapter for the Reader “Datafication, Fluidity, and Organisational Change: Towards A Universal ‘PSM 3.0’’. The paper explores how co-working structures and agile production methods might assist PSM to adapt to working with data flows. PSM increasingly need to be able to work with data and database-driven platforms.

RIPE Facebook

Photo: Facebook/RIPE.