Creative Cultures for Media Progression: An Unconference in Warsaw

On June 13, 2018 in Warsaw we organised an ‘unconference’ to examine the nature of a creative culture conducive to change and adaptation. An ‘Unconference’ shares knowledge using methods that are inclusive, participatory, transparent, egalitarian, cross-cultural, sociable, open and fun. The ultimate goal was to bring together an extraordinary group of people, the best talent and brains to discuss media futures, creative cultures and the phenomenon of industry clustering.

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The event took place in Centrum Kreatywności Targowa – a City Hall-supported space for entrepreneurs and creatives in Warsaw. We opened the day with indicative findings from our study and presented the case of post-industrial Praga. Later, participants enjoyed experimenting with two of the most typical ‘unconference’ methods, such as a ‘World Café’ discussion on Progressive organisational structures and culturesand a Fishbowl where quick fire ideas were generated on potential sustainable frameworks for R&D and innovation.During the day representatives from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and VRT (public service media from Flanders) demonstrated the EU-funded “MediaRoad” project and the idea of innovation hub “Sandbox”. There was also a DJ session, preceded by a ‘Pitching Session’ from young Polish entrepreneurs. The day ended with a VR Dance performance and a performance from the music band Marzy Mi Się Yokohama. Marzy Mi Się Yokohama  interpreted traditional Polish songs in a rock style. A guided walk around the post-industrial regeneration district of Praga ended the day. 

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The Unconference preceded the European Media Management Association Conference (EMMA) run by Dr Michal Glowacki and Professor Lizzie Jackson at the University of Warsaw. The topic of the conference came out of the research study; “Media Management in the Age of Big Data and High-Tech”. Both the Unconference and Conference were organised and supported by the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw in collaboration with the Warsaw’s City Hall and EMMA. 

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Photos: Anna Nowakowska